Sleep Training?


So I've been reading a lot of headlines in our group about poor sleeping now, this thread hopefully will turn into a support thread for all of us who are considering, are trying or have successfully sleep trained. *ALL METHODS WELCOME NON-JUDGMENT ZONE*

I'll start!

Our baby was becoming increasingly difficult to put down to sleep, we had to rock him until he was out and transfer and he always woke within 30 minutes. After being tired of doing a 2 hr bedtime routine we decided to try Ferber.

Night 1: I caved, I thought he just wasnt ready for that much crying - it was never hysterical crying but I couldn't handle all the fussing and protesting.

Night 2: I tried again, he fell asleep after 7 min!

Night 3: NO CRYING! He just kinda whined and fussed for about 15 min and fell asleep

Night 4: Same!

Night 5: NO FUSSING NOW! He just kinda babbled on and on like he does when he's playing on his play mat. And then he just fell asleep!

He still gets 1-2 feeds a night (BF on demand even at night) but now instead of me having to rock and burp to sleep and be very careful about placing him down, I can burp him for a few minutes and put him down, asleep or awake and he will fall asleep!

OK mamas, let's support or share stories! We welcome all methods, CIO and no cry solutions and everything in between! Whatever works for our babies :)