Jealousy 👎👎👎

Jordan •

I hate social media. Or at least what it does to relationships. I'm not naturally a jealous person but because of my SOs jealousy, I fire back in the same manor on occasion. Real mature, I know. I'm pretty much not allowed Male friends on FB. A few have somehow remained but probably because there is no interaction. Yesterday, a woman on my SOs FB invited him and another woman, who was commenting on his post, to go kayaking. Its annoys me that he thinks it's fine to remain friends with these women where I cant be friends with people I even went to Kindergarten with. I think the conversation didnt bother me as much as the fact he finds it acceptable. So when he fired at me for something, I said "Why don't you go kayaking with so and so?". He got so mad at me over it, he blocked me from his FB! A few weeks ago, a guy shared one of my posts and he went full investigation mode, demanding I message this guy and ask how he knows me. I'm also not allowed to follow males on Instagram, yet he follows whatever woman he wants. I think celebrity crushes are normal. Unfortunately, mine was his second cousin so you can only imagine the jealousy on that one. The other day, an ad popped up on my phone with him and his wife and I just showed him, because if I didn't, he'd probably accuse me of purposely looking at it. He was like "Well, his wife is really hot". He will also ask me when we watch TV if someone is hot. If I ever say yes, it's this huge comparison thing of how he looks nothing like that man so I must not be attracted to him or I must be lying about what my "type" is.

Is there any way to level this playing field without causing World War 3? I just don't think it's right. I'm so tired of the jealousy. Social media and otherwise 😑 And before its suggested, he is willing to go to counseling but only to this Christian counseling at a church. I am a Christian but I don't feel comfortable talking to a pastor about some of the things that need to be discussed. Maybe he knows this and that's why he's "willing" because he knows I won't be.