Kamiylah • 24✨ Mommy of a precious lil Angel , Kace Brycen Hacker. 5-23-18 - 5-30-18 👼🏽💙 #Firstborn #Firstbabyboy. Rainbow Baby due, October 2021 🌈👶🏽

Okay something has to give. Day three & still no signs of a period. Got a bfn yesterday but I have so many symptoms. I’m feeling like crap right now . I feel more nauseous than before. Like I literally feel like puke is gonna come flying out if I open my mouth. I feel a lil dizzy, my nipples are still sore. my boobs hurt. Back hurts a lil. I just don’t know whats going on. Is it possible to get a bfn if your period is late but still be pregnant ?