Im SO tired of people making bipolar disorder or any other mental illness a trend! IT. IS. NOT. A. TREND! so many posts on social media saying “ i got bipolar you dont want me “ or “ bipolar girls are the best “ I CANT EVEN. NO. STOP!!!! Also self diagnosing is NOT ok. If a doctor has not DIAGNOSED you with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or any other mental illness, DONT SAY YOU HAVE THAT SHIT. If you are sad, that DOES NOT mean you’re depressed. If you get nervous, that DOES NOT mean you have anxiety. If you have mood changes, IT DOESNT MEANT YOURE BIPOLAR.

^ this was a post written by me, i just had to get that shit out there.

- & im sorry if this offends anyone but it is the truth. Making a mental illness a trend is not okay & self diagnosing is not okay.