Unexplained bleeding


It’s best i start from the beginning. 5 months ago was the last time I had sexual intercourse with my boyfriend. It was the first time I was scared of pregnancy. However, the following 4 months were regular periods and 2 negative pregnancy tests. Who knows...i must have psyched myself out. I hear that it is common to have that scare. Anyways, month 5 I miss my period.

Then suddenly I start getting an intense pain in the left lower side of my abdomen. Not a cramp pain, but similar intensity. I think perhaps this is my period coming. Day after day no blood in my urine, but there is still pain in the same location. I tried pain meds and hoped it would go away. The pain persist to this day.

The opportunity arised to have sexual intercourse with my boyfriend today. The pain was still there, but it was manageable. I didn’t think anything of it. In fact, i thought it would help subside the pain. I was wrong. After a few minutes of foreplay and freaky my vagina wall became tight as if I came, but I didn’t. I suddenly had to pee, and figured i should before he and I began. It stung when i peed, and there was a little bit of blood.

I probably should’ve stopped there and called off the act, but I thought it would be okay. I guess because it had been 5 months and I craved it. We had sexual intercourse for about 10-15 minutes. The entire time the pain in my abdomen got worse, but the pain was being balanced out with the good sensation.

Until, it became to much to bare, and I broke out in tears. The pain was to much. It wasn’t his fault...I didn’t tell him about the pain until that moment. He cradled me after to help comfort me, but that pain persisted. Eventually the pain subsided, but it lingered. I dont know what happened or what the cause of this was. Perhaps the pressure became to much and eventually had its affect on my pain.

A few hours after I began to bleed. My underwear were drenched in blood. Not like period bleed. It was different. It was a different flow and the pain is not like a cramp pain. It is more intense and doesn’t want to go away. I feel terrible.

I just need a place to talk out what is going on, and if i should be worried. As i write this the pain is still there, and every time i pee there is blood. What should i do? Can i tough this out or is this something of concern. I appreciate all advice.