Cutting Toddler's nails

Melissa • First Glow baby in December 2016, just found out I'm pregnant again and due in March 2019.

Okay so my girl is a bit insane. She will be 2 in December and has always been ridiculously strong physically. Holding her down to do anything is next to impossible. One of her most despised things is cutting nails, and we try to wait as long as possible, but when we find little cuts on her face dripping blood, it's time.

My husband and I have to double team her, one holding her body and arms/legs down and the other holding the hand/foot that is being cut. It is torture. She screams until she vomits. She kicks and bucks us off most of the time because I mean we can't hold her down so hard we break her bones, and that kind of force is what it would take to stop her. TV shows as distraction don't work, her favorite songs don't work, literally we've tried everything.

Does anyone have any tips on how to do this? Currently, it's about once a month or less because we don't want to put her through it any more often than that. We aren't cutting her, she isn't actually hurting. She stops as soon as we are done and I hand her the clippers and say "your turn" (They are the baby kind so she doesn't know how to flip them and actually get them to cut yet).

I'm pregnant and fighting her like this is not only scary for me (because she flails and kicks and if I'm the one cutting, she can get my stomach), but I'm also scared of accidentally hurting or bruising her when I'm just trying to stop her from slicing her little face open all the time 😭