Last night


So the night before my boyfriend and I were asked to go out on a double date with his friends. I said sure why not. So then last night we went out to eat at a nice restaurant and had fun. After we finished eating we got in the vehicles and headed some where I asked him where and he said it like what we do at the house. I was like ok? We get to the place and it’s a cigar and beer place.. just wow I was not expecting that. I told him straight up like.. we’re going in there? He said yeah. We head in and he looks back a me and says why are you wearing that sweatshirt.. mind you it’s like 11 at night and I just got out of work at 930 and didn’t go home and change... like it felt like everyone was staring at me I was so out of place. They kinda got everything situated and I was just not having it. I was overwhelmed and just wanted out. I kinda started to cry, I looked at him and was like can I have my keys and he handed the to me and I just went outside and sat in the vehicle.. the girl that we had the double date with came to check up on me. She was even surprised, she thought that I wanted to go there.. I told her no I thought it was just going to be a nice dinner and that was it. But no the guys wanted to go somewhere else and made it seem like it was my idea. So a good 30 minutes later the guys came out. We talked in the vehicle for a bit and then called it a night. The ride home was quite and not a lot of conversation. I asked if he was mad, he said no. But when we got back home he went to his car because I know him better, it was because he was mad and needed time to cool down. I went inside and got ready for bed. He came in and I told him you can’t get mad at things I don’t like, I have my own opinion too. Any advice to go from here would be great we have been dating a year in a couple months.