Normal NT scan but “no result” first trimester blood work


Hi ladies! I am 28 years old and currently 14 weeks pregnant with twins. A couple weeks ago i had my NT scan and the doctor said the measurements of the neck/fluid were about 1.3 for both babies and that the nasal bridge looked good! He said his educated guess at the moment was that I had two perfectly healthy babies! I was so relieved. But then he said he wanted me to do a particular blood test that would confirm his thought that they were identical and that the test would also check for chromosomal/genetic abnormalities. But my mind I just wanted to know if I was having identical twins or not. He had just told me there was no sign of issues on the scan. But now, the results came back “no results” because the “quality of dna was not good enough to render a result”. So they have thrown me into this “higher risk” pool of my babies having abnormalities. I’m trying not to, but I can’t help but worry! Anyone have this happen? What was the outcome?

PS I’m posting this is a couple different groups because I’m really hoping to get all the feedback I can 😊