Discouraged by possible induction


I will be 41 weeks tomorrow and am a FTM. My midwife was unavailable for my most recent appointment, so an OBGYN saw me instead. I am hoping to have a natural, unmedicated labor and delivery, so you can imagine how discouraged I was (still am) when the doctor told me to schedule an induction for no later than the 41+6 mark.. I know it is routine to not go past 42 weeks in pregnancy, but I can't help but think, "what if my baby just isn't ready to be born by the induction date? What if we are forcing her out before her time?" Both her and I are perfectly healthy with no sign of any complication.

I'm still waiting to hear back from my midwife regarding this topic, but I really need to talk about it. My husband is so supportive of whatever I feel most comfortable with, and I am trying to trust that everything will happen in God's time. We want what is best for the baby, but it's so difficult to know what the right choice is. Really discouraged right now 😕