Does Nexplanon make anyone else FEEL pregnant?

Sorry I know it's a double post I didn't know where best to post it.

I switched from combo pills to the implant a few months back. And I don't know how to explain it, but I've been having he weirdest symptoms.

I waited to have sex for a month and a half after it was implanted. (Mainly cause my SO was out of the country for awhile).

I've just been feeling bloated, heavy in the belly. More discharge. Back aches. And just a weird feeling in my stomach. I get these weird stomach twitches too, like something is electrocuting my stomach muscles, but I've read that's normal with IBS which I definitely have. Also no periods.

I tested just to make sure and they were both negative, a few days apart. I had a blood test done before the implant was inserted which came back absolutely negative.

Is this normal?? I don't have any friends on it to ask