My mom and sister are making my pregnancy awful!

So maybe Im dramatic, but Im 4+5 weeks pregnant and its been really hard and emotional with family. They were all excited that I told them I was pregnant. I also revealed that I had MC last month at 4+2. Well I was on the phone days ago asking my older sister for advice about Ketosis (body burning fat instead of carbs) because she diets that way. I explained I was worried about another MC as I was 4+2 that day. She told me to stop worrying, told me my baby before "wasnt even a growing baby" and "it wasnt really attached to me". I usually go to her about everything but this was particularly upsetting. The next day I got my hcg results from my beta and they were great. I updated her (as I assumed she would want since she said she was so excited) but she ignored my text. 30 minutes later she sent me an article about flu shots linked to miscarriage. Aside from the lazy facts in the article this upset me. She had just told me I wasnt allowed to worry about miscarriage but sends me this article after I got my flu shot (she claims not to have known, but we talked about my Doctors appointment before). She told me I was way over dramatic about it but I felt she was being anything but supportive. Fast foward to 4+4 and I asked my mom what she was doing that night. She said my sis and fam was coming over. She said we could join. I thought it was odd she didnt invite us to begin with. Night went fine until the end when I mentioned she hadnt really invited us. She said she had heard I was having issues with someone. So my sister had told my mom her side. I explained my sister had severely hurt my feelings. My mom basically said to get over and get along with everyone. She did the same thing back when my youngest sister was constantly rude to me, locked me in a room to keep me from snitching about her 3rd phone while grounded and she lied to everyone constantly even when faced with facts. My mom doesnt care about our feelings as long as we arent openly fighting. She didnt want to hear my side. She wanted me to just forget it. Im so hurt. I dont want to accept this behavior. I feel so unsupported. Sorry needed to rant.