Is CC good for this app?


I’m not calling anyone out or making examples as I think we’ve all seen it; comments and arguments that have taken things way over the line of what is okay to say to another human being (be it online or anywhere.)

It seems as though The Controversy Corner really brings out the worst in people be it racism, bigotry, crude name calling and threats.

The CC forum is ‘supposed’ to be a place for discussion and debate between mature people, but it’s more than not the main place I see things getting out of control.

It’s often where I see most of the trolling posts and breaking of rules, yet it also seems the most active part of the community where one usually receives the most comments on their posts.

Do you think Controversy Corner is an asset to this site or a detriment? If it didn’t exist would there be less anger, rule breaking and people taking things over the edge, or would those same people just take over different forums?

What do you all think?