I don’t wanna work


Before I met my fiancé I was working and had no problem with it. After a few months of dating I quit my job. Since then he has paid for all dates, things I need/want, etc. (I know it sounds bad). He’s been asking me for a while to find a job to help out a bit. I go to school part time so it is possible. I applied at a restaurant and got the job on the spot but once the manager told me I will be working late weekends it just turned me off. Even my fiancé said, “I’m not gonna get a chance to see you” considering he only comes into town to see me on weekends since he’s in the army. I decided to apply to a fashion store at the mall which I also got the job but I will be also working weekends and it’s about 25/30 min from my house. I’m turned off by this job as well. I HATE THIS ABOUT MYSELF. I envy those women who get up early and go to work to feed their family. The go getters. What motivates you to work? I feel like since I don’t have bills to pay of kids to take care of I don’t NEED to work. Can someone help me find motivation to get up and make $ to contribute to my relationship):