Ok to send to the old fwb

2 parts to this

First I would send this

mmmm blindfold me and lay me down...

feeling your hand slowly going up my thigh, rubbing my clit, fingering my pussy with your fingers hard and fast, while you lick my clit. Making me moan....I start squeezing my nipples harder n harder as you bring me closer n closer to cumming.....

Wait for his response than send this

You don't let me cum, you slide into my wet pussy going fast....choking me, fucking me making me moan louder and louder with each thrust.....until I squirt all over that cock. You then tie me up, Slap that cock off my face, fuck my mouth, gagging me with that big hard cock until I can feel him pulsating between my lips, filling up my mouth with that cum.......

Is this ok to send?

If there’s any ideas to add or take out let me know 👌🏽 😉

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