moving out...


so me and my boyfriend are wanting to move out together, ive been living with him at his parents house for the last 6 months and everything is great with our relationship.

neither of us have jobs and are both on benefits, we are both looking for work but it's a bit of a struggle right now.

the issue is, i have a lot of savings, im quite good with money and i want to move out asap. j(my boyfriend) however is a bit less financially smart, he's not stupid with money, but a few days before he is next due to be payed he'll max his bank account EVERY TIME.

i want to move forward, i want to be independant, j wants to move out just as bad as me, its tricky living with his parents, but i feel like we're never going to get anywhere if he doesn't put his ass into gear.

he also owes me a lot of money, which he says makes him feel shit but he's not doing anything about it.

any tips on how to talk to him about this? i feel like he thinks im hypocritical because i don't have a job yet either, but im mentally ready for a job and financially ready to move out now, i feel like he's holding me back from moving forward. thanks gals x