Hard question... Slightly gross

Okay, so I have had a super long period- it's been 10 days and still going strong. I just started the implant BC a month ago. Anyway, the last three days have been a living hell with the most intense cramping I have ever felt! And I have them badly, usually! I started my period when I was 10 and I am 20 now. I have never been normal and can go months and months without one. Anyway, tonight, after intense cramping and a weird "discharge" feeling I went to change my pad and found inside what I would do scribe as "chicken fat". It was thin and white and about 4 inches wide. It seriously looked like what you would trim off a chicken. I googled it and apparently many other women have this when they miscarriage. Well, I have NEVER had sex... So that isn't possible... Anyone ever had this problem? Thanks! Ps. I'm calling my doc in the morning.