Ugh rant car seat

I hate car seat people you know the ones who assume they know everything about your seat and whatnot. Today I posted on my Facebook about deep cleaning theses fabric covers I had found at the second hand store that are just two strips of fabric put together no padding or real length to them to interfere with the chest clip placement. But that's not the point the post was about how nasty dirty the fabric was and I was doing my first ever deep clean. First comment those aren't safe and will make your seat malfunction and then that's all anyone was commenting. I was so angry I left the group and everyone sister group of it because I wanted to say some not very nice things. So instead go doing that I just left. Strips of fabric guys not longer than half a dollar bill with out padding just to cover the roughness of the belt on anything her seat or swing etc. the pads that came with the seat are much bigger and bulkier and do interfer with chest clip placement. Any grrrrrr that's my rant sad I lost my cloth diaper cleaning group but wth I guess I'm going at it alone for laundry