Targets decision: trans couple opinion.


So by now I assume everyone has heard about Targets decision to remove many "gender specific" signs and colors in certain aisles. The major conflict though seems to be that thier decision extends to the toy aisles. So after days of watching Glow and other forms of social medias' reactions, I've noticed some trans/homophobic ideas floating around, as well as some over zealous ones towards transgenderism in children. So this is just a post from the point of view of my transgendered wife and I. This post will specifically be aimed at that those particular opinions from a trans perspective.

First off, this is a positive thing and here's hoping more stores follow suit. I can not even fathom what the world would be like without gender stereotypes because the only cases I've seen have been in primitive tribal societies (Which seem completely happy btw).

Second, and because it's been asked so many times, yes! Trans individuals commonly start to suspect they're conditions during childhood -so of toy usage age. We both agree that in the case of a trans child, having neutral toy choices could be a positive thing in that there would no longer be persecution/peer pressure placed on them from adults and other children alike for playing with a sex specified toy. But, as always, there's a catch for these scenarios.

Trans individuals thoroughly enjoy playing with gender specific toys. Just like using the desired sexes' bathroom, it reinforces the idea in that individuals mind that there is one less barrier between them being how they're born biologically, and how they actually are. Short version: doing this makes them feel, if just for a few minutes, life is not so cruel.


On the other end of the rainbow (pun intended), we are talking about the psychological perspectives of a child. To quote my wife: "Regardless of biological or desired gender, a child is going to pick whatever they would prefer". Example: A mTf (biologically male, trans female) child who likes Jurassic Park movies has two options; a My Little Pony doll, or a dinosaur figurine. Despite the fact that the MLP doll would give some positive feelings due to the child being trans because it is thought to be a "girl toy", the child chooses the dinosaur because the love of all things dino prevails in comparison to a (probably confusing) feeling associated with a doll they just don't care for generally. So the "boy toy" wins out anyway.

The outside party -the parents, society, world, what have you, is what puts the idea of gender specific objects into the childs' head when he/she otherwise would have no reason to think that for themselves.

Conclusion: regardless of if there is indications that a toy is gender specified, a child will still gravitate to the toy they like naturally, unless pressured into limiting themselves to gender specific toys. Thus, removal of gender specific toys will do more good than harm, because aside from trans situations, the child would have no reason to care and would just choose to their liking.