Update at bottom. Husband

He gets to workout, shower, or go anywhere without even thinking twice about it. I, on the other hand, am responsible for taking care of our twins all of the time. So I cannot shower, usually only happens 3x a week. I do not get to workout, only when I drop my kids at preschool 2x per week unless I need to get other things done in that time. I watch them and keep our house up so he can work! I do my job so he can do his! And today, he decides he needs to drive 45 mins plus one way to get a jacket he found on Facebook marketplace. Rather than work. The man has 10 jackets already!!!! Like 45 there and back, so 90 minutes total minimum he is taking away from working. Then there is getting the jacket...when all said and done it’ll be about 2+ hours factoring in traffic and buying the jacket. But good thing he has me to watch the kids and keep up the house so he can do whatever he wants at his disposal! He deserves a break after that work sponsored corporate bar crawl last night and his training in Disney world last month!!! It’s so annoying too cause he doesn’t even think twice about it. He’s so used to me doing everything and him just working/living his life that he’s actually MAD AT ME right now that I don’t feel he is being fair.


We’re all good, ladies 😂