Feeling anxious about baby number 2s arrival


Hi guys,

I’m looking for some advice or even if anyone is relating to how I am feeling.

My daughter is 2 and is my world, I’m so excited that she is going to be a big sister but I’m also so worried that it will get in the way of the relationship we have at the moment.

My worries are:

1. I won’t have as much time to spend just one on one with her, her dad is in the army so it’s only the two of us a lot of the time and I in a way selfishly love!

2. I don’t want her feeling “replaced” or put out, she gets jealous when I hold friends babies I don’t want her feeling resentment towards me or her younger sibling due to this.

3. Is it even possible to love another child the as much as you love your first? I’m so worried that I won’t be able to bond with this baby as much as I have my daughter!

Also is it normal to be feeling all these things?? I could just be having the normal pregnancy overload of emotions but tonight it has all really been playing on my mind 🙈

Thanks for reading and for any support you can give xx