How to handle mil

Amber • Mother of 5, wife, and nursing student ⭐️

Today I decided it was time to get my wedding rings resized, because they are so loose due to me losing weight, I am afraid they are gonna fall off and I’m gonna lose them. So as we are about to leave my husband runs in the house to grab something while me and my 9 month old daughter wait outside in the car, and as we are waiting my mil walks up and starts a conversation asking what are we going to do today and I say, we are going to walmart , then Costco, then to get our rings cleaned and mine resized because they are really loose, and then pick up our son and check out a new store that just barely opened, then go to drive in tonight, and the only thing she says was, “why are you going to get your rings resized, you should just wear them on your middle finger until you gain the weight back.” YALL I was like

“I’m not planning on gaining the weight back, and you already know I’m not planning on having anymore children” (she knows I’m getting my tubes tied, and she knows I started a new healthy lifestyle about 2 months ago and lost 22.5 pounds already. ) Anyways she looks like this

Like if she is putting me down and then just says “well bye, I wouldn’t resize if I was you, but bye” and said bye like this ⬇️

Again I’m just like this the whole time

And then I’m like

Now after leaving my rings at the ring place I’m second guessing if I should have did it or not after what she said. When I was there, they sized me and I went down from a size 10 to a Size 8. I hate it when people put you down when you are at your best. Before I would never be able to do what I’m doing but I am so motivated now and am doing it.

Before pic⬆️ 200 pounds (taken 9/16/18)

After pic⬆️ 177.5 pounds (taken 11/10/18)