What are some of the nice things your partner does for you since you’ve been pregnant? ❤️

New Mummy 24.02.19 💖🥰

Anything from taking on some extra chores to makes you lavish 3 course means and gives you a foot rub every single night. My husband does NOTHING! I’m full of the cold and haven’t slept a proper nights sleep since last Wednesday but my husband naps all the time cause he is tired and even slept most of yesterday cause he was hungover. He does work shift and at the moment work is very busy cause of Christmas which I completely understand (we work at the same company) but if he has the energy to play football and go out for beer he should have the ability to help me around the house or look after me when I’m not well 🤷‍♀️ I am carrying his daughter after all!

I want to show him that there are men that actually do things for their wives when they are carrying a human in their tummy! 🙄