He cheated on me 💔

My now ex cheated on me 2 months ago and I just found out 2 days ago. Broke up with him the MOMENT I found out and hes been begging since. He had another girl in his house laying down in his bed where I USE to SLEEP ! I've been thinking about it since I found out I was hurt but I haven't cried much . I honestly was sort of relieved. Don't get me wrong my feelings were still hurt but the relationship was very toxic and I've been looking for a reason to leave . Cheating for me is a DEAL BREAKER no ands ifs buts about it.

He claims they didn't actually have sex that she just sucked him off & he couldn't even finish but it's STILL cheating in my eyes whether he "finished" or not.

I was such a great girlfriend/person & friend to him , his family admits it , my family admits it & also my friends . I know that. However everyone Also knew the relationship was toxic . He and I both know that I deserve way better than what he was giving me. I don't regret the relationship at all or anything ive been to him or done for him. I don't even hate him. I wish him the best and told him that I needed some time away from him but that I'm fine with being his friend .

I let him know that I DONT WANT a relationship with him because I could never trust him again. I've learned so much from being in this relationship and I'm a different person now because of it and despite some of the negatives of the relationship I've changed in a more positive way. I have a way better outlook on things now.

I gotta admit it does feel different being single again but I'm deff going to embrace it .