Baby 2 not for me but for son and husband

Nigh time sucks! I hate having to wake up to a crying baby, and then get up and take care of him. I mean I do obviously but I’m pissed half the time. Some nights are easier than others. And yes, my husband gets up. He actually get ups nine out of ten times. And the one time a week I have to -I’m pissed! I tried getting pregnant for several years with no luck. Then we turned to <a href="">IVF</a> and have our son who is now 10 months. My pregnancy sucked. Not as bad as some but to me it sucked. I got fat, my feet grew, my belly is flabby, my hair is still falling out, my c section scar is ugly, my used to be small boobs are stretched and saggy, and my lifestyle of doing whatever I wanted whenever I wanted is slashed. I mean I get to do some things on my own and I’ve been back at work but I just want to go to the movies, or go get a pedicure, or go to hot yoga without feeling like I’m neglecting my baby or husband. I don’t want to feel like I have to ask to go somewhere. Soooo, the problem is that I think that it’s important for my son to have a sibling and my husband really wants another one. I want a sibling for my son but I don’t want to be pregnant and I don’t want the obligation or the cramped lifestyle. I’m so selfish, or am I! I wish my husband would just say say that we don’t have to have another one and we can just spoil the one we have. I feel like baby making is overrated. My hat is off to every single mom in the world for going through this and special shout out to who did it once and then did it again.