It's been a long day but my baby girl is finally here!


I started pitocin at 5 this morning. Its been a long hard day but I managed to make it without pain medication! Which my contractions wernt bad most of the day surprisingly! but I must add this is my second baby I had my first all natural no pitocin or pain medication almost eight years ago! the one thing I noticed is that when it's time it's time regardless pitocin or no pitocin πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ my dr was across the st at his clinic. at 3:30 PM I was 6 cm and they thought oh we still got a little bit... um nope my contractions took off and I'm in pain and my body is pushing on it's own by 4:30pm she was here!

Kennedy Rain

7pounds and 5oz

19 1/2 inches