HELP asap with sons sleep


so I am currently trying to put my son to sleep.

he has been swaddled since he was a newborn and now he is 3 months old. we had his normal nightly routine tonight and I fed him, swaddled him and put him to bed around 6. he'll usually sleep for 6-8 hrs and then wake to eat. well tonight he woke up just as my fiance and I are getting into bed for some time to ourselves before going to bed. normally if he wakes I just nurse him while he's swaddled and he goes right back to sleep. but he started FREAKING out. he wouldn't even nurse. I eventually took him out of his swaddle and then he started to nurse. he fell asleep and I put it back on.. immediately woke up and freaked out again. I changed his diaper, switched his owlet to his other foot, changed swaddles, tried putting him in his crib with no swaddle on his back but his arms immediately went up and woke him. got him back down and tried putting him on his tummy and he woke right up. so now we're sitting on the couch and he's nursing/sleeping and I'm losing my mind šŸ™ƒ. does anyone have any suggestions that don't include us sleeping on the couch tonight?

picture of this little gremlin at the moment