He thinks he's a rebound šŸ˜•


So about three weeks ago I broke up with my boyfriend of almost 2 years. We had a good relationship but we wanted other things in life So in between classes, travelling, studying etc. it was very important that at least our hobbies matched so that we could spend our free time together.

This was not the case and had been bothering me for some time, after thinking about it alot I ended the relationship.

So about a month before we broke up, I met this guy I thought was really handsome and we talked crazy long, since I had a boyfriend I left it for what is was, but shortly after I broke up I happend to see him at a party and we ended up kissing. We went on our first date a few days ago and it was great!

The thing is, we have mutual friends and someone told me he thinks he might be a rebound. How should i handle this? Because i really like him and for me my relationship is in the past even though we've only broken up a bit over 3 weeks ago.