Update: Fainting episode


Posted earlier this morning about my fainting episode. I almost blacked out but good thing i didnt. I was with my 13 students awhile who are just 3 years old.

I was soooo worries that it's something serious and something happened to my little one. So, went to the Urgent O&G Clinic to get checked.

Got there and told them what happened. My Bp is normal. So the doctor checked me and my baby too.


So happy to share that the little one is doing good! Hb is at 159!!! I asked the doctor if she could give me some measurements, she did but was a battle cause my little one didnt stop moving. I also heard my baby's heartbeat for the first time. 😭😍 Placenta is looking great too! This baby is a huge baby!!!

Now i can sleep soindly tonight! No more worrying! :)