Big inside dogs that shed everywhere

Please help!! Am I crazy or is 3 dogs and 3 kids a bit much to handle?? ...especially when 2 dogs shed constantly and one is a male not neutered who pees on everything!!

I am pregnant and already have 2 kids and 1 well trained 8yoF black lab. This is his first kid and he has a 3yoF Australian Shepherd and 2yoM Alaskan Husky.

I want to see your vote and perspective please!!

I already know my limit and this is beyond it. I cannot live with these dogs. Period. Too much work. Cute but not that cute.

Any advice on how to respectfully convince him to find a better suited home for these dogs??? I've already told him how I feel and he says he will brush the dogs 3x daily if he has to and won't get rid of them just because of dog hair....

FYI not JUST dog hair. The male pees on everything, chews up stuff, pulls a leash. The female pulls a leash, she sheds almost as bad, sleeps at the head of the bed on my pillow!!! Both bark randomly and wake up my toddler from napping....

But who wants dog hair on them constantly!?!? And I don't think he fully understands that when you have kids they play on the floor and dog hair gets EVERYWHERE!!!! INCLUDING PRIVATE PARTS!!!! Ladies... I have to clean his dick before we have sex or I go down on him because it's coated in dog hair!!!!! No joke. Gross. Please help me what should I do?!?!?! šŸ˜­šŸ™

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