relationship help. 💔

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my fiancé and i have been fighting and it’s to the point to where i’m just gonna up and leave.

i have a child with someone else, before we met. he has 2 kids in his custody, that i stay home with and take care of. the donor of my son, is wanting to switch days from the custody papers because of conflicts. i agreed and told my fiancé and he flips his lid.

on multiple occasions, he’s throwing in my face that it’s ridiculous that he has to pay for a child that i had with another man and that his donor should be doing it. (i’m not saying i disagree, we haven’t even received child support, but, he was awarded visitation.) he’s being down right mean and doesn’t seem to understand that he had talked down to me on multiple occasions. i’m seriously getting to the point to where i don’t want to be with him anymore. i’m not happy with how i’m being treated. i do everything for him and literally when he comes home, i still take care of the kids, cook for everyone and clean. he doesn’t do a damn thing and doesn’t try to spend time with me. it’s getting to where he keeps saying that i should just marry my son’s donor instead. like, i’m at a loss and it’s pissing me off. i’m wanting to up and leave and have him understand that it isn’t okay for him to talk to me and treat me the way he has been. it seems like he doesn’t care about our relationship and if i’m happy. he honestly doesn’t give a shit. and i’m just fed up with being treated like this after i found out there’s a high possibility i’m pregnant with his child.

should i just walk away and let him deal with everything on his own and move on, or should i try and talk to him and get him to understand how i’m feeling?