Tough spot with work and relationship

My bf and I have a baby together and I have a son from a previous relationship. My bf and I live together and see each other everyday but I work this messed up schedule. Rotating 12s between days and nights, every other weekend. Now my older sons dad, my ex, works the exact opposite so it works out perfect. He has him my days off and I have him his days off and don’t need a sitter. Well my current bf wants to to switch schedules because it’s causing a ton of issues with us. I agree it is because I’m always tired, always crabby because of the 12 hours and switching from nights to days. BUT the schedule works the best for my son. My current bf works straight days 7-3, m-f. Would you try to find a different job that’s not so hard on your body and most likely lose some time with your child, or keep the job and see your child every chance you can but be miserable? I’m really stuck. My body is shutting down working these hours with a baby but I don’t want to give up time with my son. 🙁