Hoping doctors are wrong!

Hi all! Well, I'm 19 almost 20, engaged to my best friend and currently trying to prove the doctors wrong! Since as long as I can remember being a mommy is all I've really wanted to be. I have a sixth sense with kids, they warm right up to me and I love being around them as much as possible! Anyways, in my former relationship, which was very lengthy, we tried.. no luck. boo hoo. :( I know. but, I believe that's because he wasn't who I was supposed to be with. (me, trying to stay positive.) Well, now I'm with my hunny and soon to be married. I've been handed some crumby hands recently, a scare with cancer & with doctors saying i only have one ovary and that one has a cyst on it. They sayi won't be able to have children unless with goes away, which they don't think will happen. well surgery would be the answer right? wrong, it's never that easy for me.. Doctor says if we remove it the chance of me having scar tissue and that will make me unable to bear children as well.