It isn’t fair, it isn’t right!!

I know several women who have had no trouble getting pregnant, and they’ve never experienced a loss. Yet they’re the shittiest mothers on the planet.

I was a single mother for 4 years, and I’ve always worked my ass off to provide for my child. My husband works 60+ hour weeks but always finds time for me and OUR son. He’s the best dad and the most attentive husband.

We waited 2 years after living together to get married and it took us a year of trying to finally get our BFP. We were all so excited and my son couldn’t wait to be a big brother.

I did everything by the book, only to find out last week I had a 2nd trimester loss.

Then today a woman I know (we’ll call her Kayla) posts on Facebook that shes expecting her 3rd child. DHR has taken Kayla’s other two kids twice, and the kids are currently placed with Kayla’s aunt because Kayla refuses to leave her abusive drug addict husband(Kayla is verbally abusive herself) or get a job. Kayla went live on Facebook to show her children’s reactions and you can very clearly hear her child ask,” Who’s this baby going to live with?”

Why is it that women like this are so easily blessed with babies?? I would never wish a loss on anyone but some women don’t deserve to have babies and it isn’t fucking fair!!

(There’s a lot more drama to Kayla and her husband but I don’t feel like writing a novel. And she’s just one of many women that I know who have multiple kids but don’t appreciate them.)