A note of encouragement

PSA....for anyone silently struggling with infertility.

A little background...I got pregnant at 19 without any issues. My daughter is now 15 and still asking for a sibling.


I got married in 2013 to my soulmate, AKA  love of my life,  AKA #1 fan, AKA  fiercest supporter. It's only natural I'd want to have a baby with this amazing man. 

Three years into trying without any luck, we finally decided to go to a fertility doctor.  We spent a lot of money only to be told they couldn't find anything wrong and I was given a prescription to take.

I didn't take it . 

We tried for another year before I decided to do a complete female hormone panel, through a saliva test.  Finally an answer.  The test showed I wasn't ovulating and showed signs of having PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, the most common hormonal disorder among women).

Back to the fertility doctor we went.  I decided to do it all, ultrasounds, prescriptions,  injections🤑 but still no pregnancy.  I cried and cried,  and cried some more, until one day my frustration turned into motivation. 

My acupuncturist suggested a while back that I significantly change my diet. Another friend suggested going gluten free.  What! No bread,  pasta, pizza,  chocolate😢 My life flashed before my eyes. 

I decided July 16th I'd start my gluten and sugar free journey. I went all in. Never looking back. Not one single cheat day. 

I still haven't gotten pregnant, but I just completed my second hormone test. In only 4 months of changing my diet the test showed I'm ovulating on my own and my hormone levels are no longer elevated.  The best part.... no more signs of PCOS😲

The positive take away from all this.... you know your own body better than any medical doctor no matter how long they've been in practice.  Don't take NO for an answer,  do your own research. The food you eat can be very powerful medicine,  or it can be as destructive as poison. Since going gluten free I've lost 22lbs without increasing my workouts.  We are still hoping to add to our family,  but in the mean time I'm (and my husband😉)enjoying a flatter stomach, and my clothes fitting much better. 

Im sharing in hopes of helping another women in a similar situation.  Gluten free may not be the answer for everyone,  but it's sure worth a try.