Bipolar mania in SO.. help..

My fiance is experiencing an extreme manic episode.. I've tried to help, but I'm also bipolar and very sensitive to people's energy so I'm also hypomanic now.. so instead of helping I end up enabling.. His bipolar more recently came on where I've been through this before, not too bad though.

But anyways.. he is so impulsive right now. He keeps buying things that are not cheap at all.. His latest is a huge $35,000 truck without even thinking about it or consulting with me. Then he keeps going back & forth about whether we should be together or not, but yet says he cant live without me and he needs me and our family (we have 2 kids). His sex drive has been intense and borderline violent.. He thinks he can do whatever he pleases without any consequences.. He has been smoking weed which makes it soooo much worse, yet he can not stop to the point of where he will try to hide it from me then admit it later laughing about it.

I'm soooo lost and drained I dont know what to do. I want him to get help, but it doesnt seem like anything I say registers with him for long...