Excuse to get out of family event!

So my partner has a family event coming up this week and I’ve been thinking about it for the last month how much I’m dreading it and don’t wanna go.

I just really don’t have a good relationship with his family. His dad is a total pervert and every time I’m out with them he always makes such inappropriate comments to me and his mum would never stick up for me, just laugh. And I just really am not fond of their company at all.

My partner feels like we really have to go because we have a 9 week old daughter and everyone wants to see her. It’s so hard to come up with an excuse why I can’t go because we live next door to them, so they can see if I’m at home or not or just walk over whenever they feel like!

I have such anxiety around his family and I have literally had knots in my stomach all week thinking about having to go.

His dad especially just makes me so uncomfortable, and I just feel like why should I have to put myself in a horrible situation just because they’re his family.

I feel so guilty because it’s putting my partner in such a difficult position, and I wish I could do this for him, but I really feel like I can’t. Like I would seriously go to great lengths to get out of this.