Rant ! also TMI ⚠️

Trying to get pregnant is hard I’ve been multiple times and no live children I’m only 20 but I want a baby really bad I’ve always dreamed of being a mother and I’ll be the best mother ever .... I’ve been trying for 2 years with the same guy I plan to marry... I want to check for damage but I feel like an obgyn wouldn’t help me because of my age ... I’m getting really frustrated and I don’t know what to do I lost two pregnancies this year ... I pray to god a lot about this and I cry about it to ... I feel like I’m missing something....

this was my baby I made it 12 weeks with this year

This baby I heard on a Doppler because my step mom is a nurse and was happy for me and wanted me to hear my baby we heard movement but no heart beat but the blood test showed low hgc and I was told to expect a miscarriage after a couple of weeks it happened

I hope god answers my prayers because I feel like giving up ... I feel like if I can’t be the person I always wanted to be who can I be .