Still have yeast infection ??

For the past 3 weeks, I had a burning sensation down there. It wasn’t when I pee, just burns if I sit. Anyways, I went to urgent care and they said it was an irritation. It didn’t go away so I went to an ob/gyn and he said it’s most likely a yeast infection as the vulva was red and burning, but I had no discharge. That night, I started taking Monistat 7 as he told me to. It’s been working great until I just noticed today (day 6) that it’s still red down there and slightly slightly burns. I’ve been using it as prescribed every sex...I did masturbate this morning (tmi sorry) if that made it worse? Idk if it’s actually just irritated now or what! Or idk if me injecting the Monistat into me didn’t work because the burning and redness is on the outside ?? Any advice help!!!