I grew apart from my husband during the seperation that he wanted

We got together when I was 15, married at 21, separated at 24. We have lived apart for nearly 2 months now. We’ve gone to marriage counseling and she suggested that if we wanted to make it work she recommends living together and no prolonged distance anymore and to keep communication open. Throughout this time, I’ve been the one to contact him first, even if it’s to ask how his day was. Also have asked to go on dates. Basically begging him to see me. I’ve seen him 3 or 4 times these two months. Maybe for an hour or less each time. (Counseling appts or getting my mail from the house) he hasn’t been able to tell me he’s wanted to be with me until I told him I’m enlisting in the army next week. Why now? What would’ve happened if I didn’t come to this decision? He still would’ve left me hanging with his undecided choice of divorce or not and for how long? He hasn’t apparently felt ready to give me my rings back either. I learned to live without him because of not knowing where I stood or if he even wanted to be married to me still. I decided to start creating a life of my own. I now see that maybe our lives don’t line up anymore. The separation was good for him but not for me. Maybe I outgrow him during this time. A decade later..