FTM with some questions


Hi guys for I have some questions. I went into the obgyn Monday for Regular belly check. 34+1 and I told her that Sunday i started having What I thought was Braxton Hicks that kept me up all night with pain. She was mad I didn’t call but said she wanted to check me. She sent me straight to the hospital because I was 2 cm dilated and 80% effaced. When I got to the hospital they rechecked me. It was a younger male resident who didn’t seem very confident. He said I was only 1 cm and 50%. That’s a huge jump of you ask me and now I’m wondering who I should believe? My obgyn who checks cervixs all day or someone who’s confidence level wasn’t all there? If I’m 2 cm and 80% how much longer do I have before I get to meet my little bean.