Is it him or me? Or what’s happening??


My bf of almost a year now (also long distance in college) sometimes gets kinda controlling and I’m someone who really values my independence as my mother was in shitty relationship bc he was her provider. But there’s multiple examples, like he doesn’t drink and has meltdowns every time I do so, I bought sexy stuff to wear with him and he got upset when I wore it for myself first, and even in regards to my tattoo he wants it to connect to him/worried it’ll mean I’m changing too much. Most of this is rooted in his insecurities/anxiety I’m sure, which he wont get help with, but I’m getting to a point where I’m confused between if he’s being controlling or if I just want to act like I’m single. Like I want to wear what I want to and drink when I want to and get whatever tattooed on my body when I want to. Is that not wanting to be in a relationship bc I know it’s like u always think of other person? He really is very sweet and romantic and cares a lot about me I just am getting frustrated and confused lately. Help.