My friend still talks to her pedophile brother?

Yep, you read it correct. Earlier this year one of my friends brothers got caught with pictures of his gfs little sister naked. He is in jail or prison right now. She was super devastated and upset bc it’s her brother and what he did was super fucked up. However, she writes me letters while she is away at college and tells me that she talks to her brother.... personally I think it is super fucked up. And idk what to do about it. Do I confront her, do I stop being friends with her completely? Like I know it must be hard for her bc she loves her brother but honestly after finding that out I wouldn’t love him anymore or talk to him if it were my own brother. I just feel like even if they are family, pedophilia is not okay or justified in any way. Do you guys think it’s okay that she still talks to him? Or is it fucked up? Sorry if this isn’t the right place to get advice for this but this is the only place I can get an opinion anonymously