Having secret phone numbers?

Ive been married to my husband for 5yrs, he never wanted to have a joint, bank acct, because he doesnt trust me, and thinks im going to be like his ex wife when they had a joint bank acct. They were divorced 3yrs ago, before being w me.

But, he also had a bank with chase, amazon prime. He puts me under his name, so i can use the amazon card whenever i go grocery shopping, so hed earn points.

Anyways, he suggested me to put the amazon card into samsung pay, so itll be essier, and i wont have to worry about losing the card. So, i did. While i was applying the amazon card, samsung pay wanted a verification code from the owner of the amazon acct, which is my husband. I had 3 options, for them to txt the code, email it, or he has to call the bank to confirm the code. I chose for them to txt it to my husband, and then there were 3 numbers that i had to choose for them to txt the code to. 1st one was my husbands number, while idk whos numbers are the other 2.

Its just so odd, cause my husbands been having the same phone number since he was in middle school. Hes 30 btw. Ive never known any other numbers of his, other than his current one. What do u think those numbers could be? Could he be having secret phone numbers? Which could lead to cheating? Or could they be his ex wifes? But he didnt even started the amazon bank til last year?