Boyfriend forgot our 3 year / disappointed

So today is my boyfriend and I 3 years together, I'm not really the type to get all mushy over these things but i was happy and in a good mood and reminiscing on how far we've come together. We had a lot of errands to do and Christmas shopping to get done so we spent the day running around.

All day i kept saying things like "awee babe it's our 3 years" and just telling him extra extra how much i love him! I asked him if he just wanted to have a chill night and make popcorn and watch movies together (maybe get ice cream too 😋) and he said of course! (We live together)

so fast forward the whole day we finally get home and I finish wrapping all the presents and he finishes whatever he has to do. so I asked him if he's ready to make popcorn and watch a movie and he told me that his friend was coming over to play Xbox with him 😑 I honestly didn't get mad I just felt super disappointed and let down, I obviously couldn't help to show the disappointment in my face. And he asked me "are you seriously mad at me for having a Friend over" and I said no not at all I'm just a little disappointed because I thought we had plans tonight especially since it's our 3-year.

All he said was "oh I'm sorry i forgot i feel like a shitty boyfriend" but he continued to go hangout and play Xbox with his friend.

I'm genuinely not mad at the fact that his friends were playing Xbox, I'm just disappointed that he cares so little about our 3 years i guess. Is that petty of me? I guess i just wish he would have cared a little bit more.... Should i just get over it lol? I'm

super emotional lately so idk if it's the hormones or if y'all would be upset too please let me know lol

Also we don't celebrate every month, just the year milestones