Period rage

Maybe it’s just because I’m on my period (hoping I wasn’t going to be, trying to get pregnant but whatever) that I’m just so annoyed with some girls on this app lately.

If someone is asking for advice because she’s young and scared to turn to her parents (which I’m sure a lot of us were), please do not scare her more! Stop saying she’s stupid and crazy and needs to act her “age”. How many of us were 14 acting 14? I wasn’t. I was 14 acting 21 while drinking with older kids.

If someone makes a comment on a post, their own opinion, why jump down their throats on how their wrong? It’s an opinion. It’s what they think. Why try to force your idea?

If someone is ranting about their SO just to rant and get things off their chest, why tell him to leave that person? Bitch, they just want to rant and get some “I feel you” or a similar story. Not “leave him, he’s no good”.

I joined this app to talk to other moms and other people in my situation. But instead I’m always finding myself in some sort of battle with other girls that I feel like feed off of the attention they’ll get.