Getting so impatient!!!

Milhu • 31yrs, DH 39... We have 2 girls, and working on our rainbow 🌈 baby.. Currently pregnant and praying this is it!!!
Ok so I got two <a href="">ovulation apps</a> lol one says my AF is due today and the other says tomorrow.. I couldn't wait n took HPT mid last week and of corse BFN! I usually start getting bad cramps befor and during my AF, but nothing. Instead I'm having alittle swollen an sore tatas and my nipples are sore and itchy! Have bad fatuige, some cravings, and sometimes alittle nauseous.. Oh and some lower back pain. Anyone else AF due these couple of days n going nuts?? Please share, symtoms and all.. Lots of baby dust to you wonderful women!! God Bless and Good Luck!