In need of some help ladies :-/

Chelle • Hey ladies I`m Chelle 25 year old mummy of 2 beautiful girls Maddison 5 Megan 3 currently expecting no3 due may 2015 ?
Hi ladies I'm Chelle :) I'm a newbeeie just looking for some advice more than anything :) I'm a mummy to two beauitful girls Maddison 5 and Megan 3 :) me and my hubby are TTC I'm finding it so difficult this time round to fall I have no idea why my cycle is av 28/29 days and I don't understand the whole when you ovulate and when is the best time etc I'd love a little boy but have no idea how to time it right I'm super confused any help and advice would be amazing 
​Love to u all xxxx