Sleep advice please


So, I may have made that ‘rod for my own back’ that they rabbit on about. First time mum, was doing ok with transitioning from bedside bassinet to cot around 5 months of age, but she just kept waking up almost hourly in her cot crying for cuddles. We would have to cuddle her for about 15 mins and then we could put her back and an hour later it would happen again. So it just became easier to bring her to our bed until she fell asleep and then transfer her back. It’s slowly somehow increased from an hour or so at night in our bed all up to now being most of the night. She’s now 10 months old, and despite loving having her beside us in bed, it’s now not ideal because she’s so big and is kicking us out of bed. But every time we try and put her back to bed she cries and carries on. Does anyone have any suggestions that don’t include crying it out, as we just won’t do that. Thanks in advance.