Who else is experiencing THIS?!

Kayla • Baby girl due July 13th💗🤰🏼

At 6weeks we told just our immediate family that we were pregnant then planning on waiting to tell distant family and social media at about 13 weeks (or when we feel it’s time).

Now being 11w4d I feel like I’m constantly needing to monitor social media to make sure no one posts about it & hearing distant family finding out.. The same day we told my family not to tell anyone my mom and sister fail. On top of that his mom begged us to tell his grandparents on thanksgiving so that she didn’t accidentally tell them. Then just today texts my S/O if she can post about it on FB..

Like this is my first baby and I would love to be the one that announces MY PREGNANCY to everyone. Maybe I’m just being insensitive.

Is anyone else going through this right now??

I’m pretty frustrated and wish I would’ve just told the whole world at once instead of stressing