Feeling like i’m going crazy

Why is it that when we are a virgin you don’t really crave sex maybe it’s because you never had it before ? and then once you do have sex you always want sex ? lol It’s been a year and some change since i have had sex or any type of affection for that matter because my SO is in jail awaiting trial. still so i still have no idea how long he is going to be in there. i’m loosing my mind i play w myself daily and it’s not doing much , i have no toys & to top it off this man thinks it weird doesn’t want me to have toys. he says he wants me “tight” when he gets home like that makes no sense lol but okay. i’m so tempted to just go buy a toy and keep it a secret🤫 i have sex dreams all the time about my man or about my ex about any dude i see that’s attractive ughhh i told my SO the next time he’s involved or does some dumb shit to make him be in jail i’m not sticking around not because i can’t have sex (well maybe a little) but also i’m not trying to have this as my life shit sucks af